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With the right message and the right voice, you present yourself and appeal to your audiences in a more human, personal, and memorable manner, encouraging them to trust you and choose you over many others.

DYvoice Voice-Over Services

DYvoice provides comprehensive voice-over production services for all types of media projects.

With more than 13 years of experience, industry expertise, and a huge network of versatile voice talents, DYvoice delivers exceptionally high-quality voice-over services that create effective and meaningful communications between you and your intended audience.

DYvoice as your partner, you’ll get all the help you need to win the hearts, minds, and attention of your audiences and stand out from your competition.

We make sure your story is heard loud and clear.

DYvoice Professional Voice Over Services Help Your Business Touched Your Audiences

Voice over is a production technique where the voice of an off-screen narrator is used to describe or comment on a film, advertisement, or video. It is both an effective and delightful technique because people are more and more drawn not only to what they see but also to what they hear. Your content may provide a remarkable and pleasing visual experience to your audience, but they still need you to speak up and tell your story. And all great stories need a great narrator.

At DYvoice, our voice talents are native speakers of the target languages with impeccable pronunciation and enunciation. However, their linguistic fluency isn’t the only thing they can offer. Their extensive expertise, talent, and wide range of voice personalities make them powerful storytellers, allowing them to convey your message effectively, create a connection with your audiences, evoking feelings, and bring your message -and brand- to life.

How We Do Voice Over

DYvoice brings your messages and scripts to life, quality and your requirements are paramount to us.

1. Script Preparation

Our linguistic teams watch/listen to your audiovisual content in order to get a sense of the context and tone of the material, and then they review the script. However, in case there’s no script, we start by accurately and carefully transcribing your audio files.

2. Translation & Localization

Native translators with extensive subject-matter expertise translate and localize your script ensuring quality and accuracy while preserving the essence of your message as well as your brand identity. We don’t only provide translations that are linguistically accurate but that also reflect the cultural characteristics of the target market.

As a next step, different linguists review and proofread the localized script refining it and ensuring its accuracy, fluency, and consistency.

3. Recording

After selecting the right talent for your project, we start the recording sessions in our well-equipped studios. You communicate exactly what you need and they deliver. Our high-quality work is demonstrated in effectively conveying your messages with the right tone and ideal pace and rhythm.

4. Post-Production

Our post-production teams are made up of skilled sound editors and expert engineers who work on mixing and editing and ensuring perfect synchronization and audio quality. They are also responsible for delivering your voice-over project in your preferred format.

Types of Voice Over Services We Provide

. Documentaries
Text To Speech
News Broadcasts
eLearning Courses and Corporate Training
Animated Films
Nursery rhymes
TV Commercials and Online Advertisements
TV & Movie Productions
Explainer Videos

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