How to change your voice

With the rapid development of the film and television industry and also the game industry, various movies and TV series are emerging in an endless stream, and various games are competing with each other in the market, providing more job opportunities for the voice recording industry, and also making the voice talents gain more attention. Many people want to know about this industry and hope that they could have a changeable voice like a professional voice talent. Then many people may ask: how to change my voice, of course, everybody could achieve their own perfect voice

Before we change our voice through voice-over, we must first know some theoretical knowledge about voice changing. As the name implies, voice changing is to change our voice and reach a specific state and present a predetermined effect. To achieve the purpose of “voice changing”, we need to constantly adjust our own mouth, airflow, and vocal cords. Professional recording companies will have special voicing practice for voice talents. DYvoice is a comprehensive media marketing and communication solution provider tailored for enterprises and institutions. we take “voice customization” as our origin, have more than 800 well-known voice talents’ cooperation resources, and provides various voice customization services.

Child Voice

Before a child changes his/her voice, their breath of speech was immature, short of breath, and immature. Such an effect can be achieved by changing the airflow by controlling the internal state and mouth shape of the oral cavity. By squeezing or relaxing the vocal cords and slightly processing the sound, the children’s immature tone and voice can be realized

Teen voice

Adolescents are in a period of physiological change of voice, boys’ Adam’s apples have just grown, and girls’ voices are slightly more stable than they were little girls. At this time, the voices of adolescents are gradually approaching adult voices. For voice actors, the voice of adolescents is much easier to achieve. You only need the front of the voice when vocalizing, The middle and front parts of the oral cavity and nasal cavity cooperate with each other, and the voice will become young and gorgeous, and emotionally very dynamic.

Elder voice

The breath of the elderly is not particularly sufficient, and the vocal cords and vocal organs have become no longer round after years of tempering. In order to achieve the vocal state of the elderly, we need to make the state of the oral cavity “flat” when vocalizing. Similarly, the focus of voice changing is on the control of the backside of the mouth. You could try a lot to find the pronunciation that suits you.

Of course, if you want to change your voice, the most important thing is to learn how to protect your throat first. The throat is the capital of your body, especially for voicing business. I hope this article would help you know how to change your voice.

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