How to make your voice better

Perhaps everyone who has just come into contact with voice recording will have this question: “why everyone in recording business has such a unique and beautiful voice, and what can we do to have a good voice like others?”

In fact, everyone’s timbre is unique. People who have a natural voice can indeed go easier on the voice recording road. However, those who don’t have outstanding timbre, they can also make up for it with acquired efforts. Let’s share some easy-to-understand methods to help you know how to voicing and create a good voice that belongs to you.

Clear and accurate.

Accurate pronunciation and clear reading will give people a good impression at the beginning. The so-called clarity means that the words must be clear, unambiguous, with correct pauses and appropriate rhythms, the introductory words are not followed by the words, the stammer, and the buzzing way of speaking will make people unintelligible or unintelligible. , Poor hearing. Imagine that a person with an accurate and clear accent and a person with a “stuffy” speech are participating in an interview together. The interviewer must be more inclined to the former. So the first step in learning how to dub is to make your pronunciation clear.

Harmonious rhyme

“Tune” refers to tone. If the tones are properly matched, the effect of speech will give people a sense of circumflex, smoothness, naturalness, and justification.  At the same time, it will also add luster to your personal brand.

Get the right tone

Tone is the tone of speech. It exists not only in written language but also in oral language. The effect of oral expression is direct and immediate. In the process of expression, sentence pattern, intonation, rationality, word talent, timbre, position, attitude, personality and emotion will bring intuitive feelings to the audience. Therefore, in the process of expression, it is necessary to accurately express the emotion through voice and breath in order to bring the best effect to the audience.

skills practice

The first three sections are some external skills, and if you want to make the sound nice, you need to conduct professional basic skills training. The combined chest-abdominal breathing method can enhance the storage of breath. Tongue twister exercises can help you better exercise the flexibility of your lips, tongue, and oral cavity. Bubble sounds and breathing training can help you settle your voice and make your voice more magnetic.

It’s not something you can do to make your voice sound better with a little practice. It still requires long-term training. I hope that the above methods will help you understand how to dub a good sound.



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